What is social dating?

Definition: people who don't know each other become familiar with the conversation through social networking sites, and then make an appointment with the real world.

Phenomenon:People living in modern cities, along with the market, increasing competition in the workplace, more and more between peers, colleagues and other acquaintances is preventing mental, less and less is the true feelings, it is widely felt desire for the true feelings.With the rapid spread of the family of instant messaging tools, more and more men and women are making online friends in the virtual world, hoping to get the satisfaction they can't get in real life.

Features:Online dating highlights a more interesting and casual way to socialize. For example, it offers a new online dating model that allows two friends who don't know each other, a boy VS a girl on a one-on-one date, two on two or three dates.


1.Don't waste time. If you are "separated", and only using a mobile phone, or machine to connect, and even the other party not to give you his phone number, also can't meet you on the weekend night, such a potential date or forget about it.

2.Talk over the phone before the meeting. The tone of voice and the nuances of conversation can tell you what email can't tell you.

3.If you don't like what you hear, ask if you need to meet. Only with intellectual, emotional, idealistic people you hate face-to-face contact.

4 . It is not too late to meet a hopeful person. This can interrupt your illusion of extension. The more you look forward to, the more you will fail to meet your expectations.

5.Keep a touch of sensitivity between optimism and caution. There are all kinds of reasons to believe that your appointment is a nice, normal person, want to meet in a public place, tell a friend where you are, mobile phones and don't accept a lift home.

6.Avoid dating in places where you hang out. He would be there at any time without permission.

7.The first date should be on the day. It's safer because there are more people around.

8.It's easier to break the ice than coffee. It's better to be rude than to compete.

9.if no one call you after date, don't think that is a personal rejection, because in the last date you have done for others and date you the same thing, or to offer to meet again in the future to do the same thing. The most important thing about online dating is the fact that there is no such thing as anywhere in the world, so go back to the Internet and start again...